I have threatened for awhile to explore the world of online gaming, seeking to pass on my observations and thoughts to those who might listen. One of my major streams of thought for the past few years is that MMO’s are not all bad or a time sink.

MMO’s? Okay, geek speak for Massive Multiplayer Online game. Basically, a game that lots and lots (sorry Mike :P) of people from all over the world join together to play a game at the same time, sharing the same goals, sharing the fun, and sometimes sharing the drama.  Some of the more familiar games that fall into this category are World of Warcraft and Everquest.

My friend Shadowcall has listened to my conjectures for several years now, poor soul. Today he sent me an article lending substance to my theory. Today, I share that with you! It’s a study exploring the relationship between surgeons who play MMO’s and those who do not.

If you have other ideas or information to pass on about MMO’s, I’ll love to hear them!

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