Gimme People!


MMO… No, it isn’t a mispelling of something a cow says, although if you like the sounds a cow makes, you need to play some Diablo II.  (ohhh, and it’s the TOP choice in the acronym finder!)

Sorry, I digress. I do have the habit of getting off topic quite easily. At some point I’ll share how a blog can help you organize your ideas, but for now it’s time to look at MMO’s!

Massive Multiplayer Online games. The name is really self explanitory. At least you would think so. However, most people tend to consider only a game like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, or Everquest II fits this description.

One group of friends I virtually hang out with have often discussed this phrase. Let’s break it down:

Massive: large in scale, amount, or degree

Multiplayer: More than one person playing at a time (My definition)

Online: connected by computer to one or more other computers or networks, as through a commercial electronic information service or the Internet.

Soooooo, we have many people, playing a game at the same time on a computer network. More games than just WoW, EQ, or AoC fall into the MMO category. I’m going to take a few posts and explore this more. This is really quite fascinating and I think you might find it eye-opening as well!

8 Responses to “Gimme People!”

  1. 1 Giz

    Please make the bad man-cow go away now…

  2. 2 Your #2 Son

    The games are evil I tell you! (this coming from a lvl 70 warrior)
    There are many things that make an MMO, and MMO. The level of addictedness (if this is a word) is take to a whole new level.

    Because the game is online with other people, you feel the “need” to make appearances for either guild meetings and guild runs and so fourth.

    Most people dont realize (or at least this is true for me) that when you spend the $20-$40 dollars on a game, you really just paying for your very own birth certificate to your “second life”

  3. So true #2. Addictiveness is a big part. For me (an early MMO fan) it was all about the population, and the story. Give me a good set of players that wanted to be there for the RP, and not just to get to the next level – that’s when I really felt like the game had become something special.

  4. 4 zannniee

    My first addiction to something online was when I discovered chatrooms on IRC. It was the people that kept me coming back, the relationships formed.

  5. 5 Richard

    Hey, what about Star Wars Galaxies? We’re pixilated people too! 😀

  6. 6 zannniee

    Ohhh, Rich! SWG will be getting much love, trust me!

  7. I’m sure you’ve seen this. But! In the rare instance that you are soooooo sheltered as to have missed it… I’m passing it along.

    SWG reminded me of this fun little site:

  8. 8 Quentin Laforge

    if it werent for the MMO we both play, i wouldnt be posting this reply to you Z
    dont forget to mention it (AE) ehehe

    for now its just a “hi!” sort of reply 😛 but i’ll post more in the coming time 😀
    hugs to you!

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