No really, it *is* an MMO…


After yesterday’s blog post, I had a little discussion with some friends about AOL chat rooms. *grins* this discussion took place in an IRC chat room, by the way. As I said yesterday, I felt playing games in chat rooms were much like MMO‘s. AOL and IRC have thousands of people on at the same time, just being managed in smaller groups.

(Ugh, it’s not yesterday anymore. Now the discussion was four days ago…)

I had a run at Age of Empires several years ago.  Yes, I *know* it’s really not an MMO. Not in the purest sense of MMO, but it really is MMO like in the technical sense. You can play it solo, but could also connect online with other players to go head to head, either in teams or player-versus-player (PVP). Many games fall into this category. My cow game, Diablo II, can be solo or teams-PVP, or teams against the environment (PVE.)

I adore all games like Age of Empires. I hate PVP with a passion.

If you have other games like Age of Empires or Diablo II you enjoy, I’d love to hear about them!

P.S. Ooooooh! Just learned that you might actually get the early Age of Empires from a free download! I’m gonna see what I can find. If not, it is probably time to head to Wal-Mart. A friend told me they found it and the expansion for 5 bucks!

3 Responses to “No really, it *is* an MMO…”

  1. Amazon (and likely Wal*Mart) have a something called the Age of Empires: Collectors Edition. It’s AOE I & II and their expansions all in one little jewel case for about $10.

    I’ve always enjoyed a good builder RTS. Age of Empires 2 (with expansion) was probably my favorite of that series. I also enjoyed Age of Mythology, American Conquest, Stronghold Crusader, and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. I like StarCraft well enough, but I got burned out on it quick. Looking forward to looking at SCII.

    One little known title that played a lot like Diablo II -in space- was Harbinger.( The drawback for me was the inability to repeat maps to gain extra xp before facing bosses. Also, no Multi Player. A pretty title, but couldn’t hold a candle to DII.

  2. Lets try that harbinger link again…

  3. 3 Richard

    Just some of my thoughts on the matter of MMOs.

    My Definitions for an MMO:
    – 100+ players at anyone time interacting with one another. (I don’t consider games like Guild Wars an MMO because of this)
    – The World (aka game) is always online. (unless it’s a maintenance cycle)
    – The Land inside of the World doesn’t change unless changed by developers.
    – Your Character is the same as you left him/her/it at your last logout.
    – Actions you take inside of the World affect other players, even after you logout. (i.e. The sale of items)

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