Ugh, do I want to do this…


There are those people who are self motivated about nearly everything in their lives. They love starting new things and seeing it through to completion without much outside influence. I have a friend like this. He is a student at a prestigious technical university in New York. He’s amazing. I’m jealous of his enthusiasm and energy. He accomplishes so much, sometimes having multiple projects going at the same time!

Some people are motivated to begin new projects and then lose their momentum after the initial start up.  This is kinda like me from time to time.

Others are motivated with the troubleshooting phase of a project, losing interest after the project gets to the maintenance phase.  This is really really me 😦


Still others are motivated to see a job through to completion. Their satisfaction comes from the “Job Well Done.” This is my mother and my new Network Administrator. I think Shadowcall would fit into this category?

So what happens when you need to see something through to completion, but are in the category where you are all excited with establishing and refining the vision in the beginning only to lose momentum after the initial excitement subsides and the tediousness sets in? You love the planning and even the troubleshooting, and still find it difficult to finish the task; much preferring to hand it off to someone else to complete? 

Some things you just can’t hand off to someone else. Like losing weight and exercising.

This is where I am today. The goal is long term. Something I need to do. Something no one else can do for me. Something I simply must see through to the end. I need suggestions and support! Help me!

pretty please…

One Response to “Ugh, do I want to do this…”

  1. 1 Marcel

    Hi Z. (the priest here)
    I see where you want to go. I got one pointer for you that doesn’t require much effort. Don’t eat anything after 8 at night. Folowing that simple rule (except friday evenings) lost me about 15 kilo’s in a period of 1 year.

    Everytime you think you want a snack after 8, just take a glass of juice or water, nothing heavy. Your body simply doesn’t process it anymore or atleast alot slower then during the day. So when you eat anything after 8, it stayes in your stumage the whole night where it is converted into sugars/fat. Your body stores it for reserve when it needs it.

    For excersize, train your legs. This might seem silly because you might wanna loose inches at your waste, but your egs are the bigest muscles of the body. So if you train your legs, your body burns the most sugars/fat. It takes those sugars/fat from the reserves stored.

    Excuse me for bad english, but if you want to discuss this with me, i left my email 🙂

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