Here’s the deal…


I find I’m constantly saying this to my kids or co-workers. *grins* Do you have phrases you say all the time?

The interesting thing about “Here’s the deal…” is that it really isn’t a deal. Is more of a statement and not really open for discussion.

I realized I got the phrase, “Here’s the deal…” from her ’cause she used it just the other day. I love my mom, she’s amazing. 

Mom’s amazing because she has the ability to start businesses on less than a shoestring. She’s amazing with money. (OMG, I’ve now used the word amazing three ((technically 4)) times now!) She kept those money-wise genes though, saving them for my youngest son, Day. I’m not good with money at all.

She’s organized, I’m not.

She’s thin, I’m not.

She’s a gorgeous red-head, I’m not.

She’s smart…Okay, I’m smart too, but not in the same ways.

A weekend or so ago, I started talking about a business idea I have with my mom and two of my sons. I’m excited about it and I think they are too. My middle son, Hagardly (no, I didn’t name him that), came in my room later to discuss money and how everyone would be compensated. He’s ever the entreprenuer, and oh so bold.

What did I do after that discussion? I called my mom, of course! She agreed to deal with the practical side of the business, aka, finances.

Someday, I’ll tell the story of my mom and how she single-handedly made the training company New Horizons what it is today.

For now however, do you have any catch phrases you use? What about an amazing mom story? Oh yeah, and I’m going to soon come clean about my non-secret secret and also tell you why Shadowcall gave me a bunch of “asshole” points today. *giggles* sorry mom. I do love you!

2 Responses to “Here’s the deal…”

  1. “gave me a bunch of “asshole” points today”

    Trust me… You -earned- them. 🙂

  2. 2 zannniee

    *giggles* I did, didn’t I

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