I wanna write…


I’m in a fairly decent mood so far today. I’ve gotten quite a number of things accomplished at work, so that’s a good thing, right?

I have several avenues for writing these days.

  • a fiction writing group
  • a new role playing group
  • a fiction writing academy I’ve been attempting to finish
  • several manuals that need to be written or updated at work
  • The story of a young man whose trials and tribulations would make for a fantastic story/movie
  • and of course this blog.

Currently, this blog is winning! However, I’ll write more for the fiction writing group in a few hours.

I consider the writing group to be part of an MMO, by the way. The club, Rebel Squadrons, has hundreds of members who can choose how they want to participate in the fictional Star Wars universe. Either by playing a game, writing, simming, chatting, or various other activities. It might not have thousands of members who participate daily, but even in those gigantic MMO’s not everyone interacts with every single other player. I’m going to explore that soon, maybe next.

Suffice it to say, I’m writing about Sarriah later.

2 Responses to “I wanna write…”

  1. “I’m writing about Sarriah later.”


  2. 2 zannniee

    My little redheaded, human animal research scientist. Who flies an x-wing on occasion, has a huge narglatch that she takes with her on trips, and has a green protocol droid that worships her.

    Oh, and is an excellent shot with a sniper rifle…?

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