Nerds are cool…


There was a song a number of years back, I was Country when Country Wasn’t Cool. I’m fairly certain it was sung by Barbara Mandrell. At first I was thinking Marie Osmond, but she did “I’m a little bit county…” or something like that.

…but back to nerds. I’m thinking nerds are starting to be the cool thing! There are two outstanding pieces of evidence for this.

First, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-Blog. If you haven’t seen this musical web series, you have to drop what you are doing and watch it now! The two male leads are gorgeous, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. I fell for Nathan Fillion as Malcom Reynolds in the Firefly series (yet another MUST SEE series for everyone!) But I think it is Felicia Day that captures everyone’s heart in this webisode.

In one scene, Captain Hammer (played by Fillion) sings about how his girlfriend is hot in a nerdy sort of way. (need to go see it for about the 20th time to get the quote right!) Felicia Day is amazing, and is my personal hero. I want to be like her when I grow up!

The second huge piece of evidence for nerds being cool is the television series, The Big Bang Theory. This show is hilarious. Shadowcall is heading to New York for a few days (I am so jealous!) and he’s letting me watching the series he rented from Netflix, so long as I get them in the mail in time to get his next choices back. (note to self, check out Netflix)

… ANYWAY, I was laughing so hard, my youngest son Day comes to see what’s going on, recognizes the show, heads downstairs to make popcorn. By the time he’s back, his brother Hagardly has come to investigate the hilarity and has plopped down on my bed to watch too.

Talk about quality family time! You MUST watch this show!

So, if my premise is correct… “I was Nerdy, when being a Nerd wasn’t cool!

3 Responses to “Nerds are cool…”

  1. Yes. Yes I am cool.

  2. 2 Z Antilles

    Have you ever heard my rant about nerds being cool? Nothing upsets me more. Nerds are meant to be outcasts, it’s what makes them original and more interesting. But thanks to the Internet, nerds have been able to connect together in large groups and feel as though they belong. I would say this is cause to celebrate, except that it is the isolation and the feeling different that made nerds the wonderful people they were. Now that they have joined with other people, they do the things all humans do when accepted into a group…become one with the group. This causes them to act like normal people and go out drinking, partying, looking for meaningless stuff, and partaking in stupid dren they wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole before.

    I don’t know any original people anymore. I don’t see the people that used to be so kind, who would give their life and soul for you in a second. By joining with other people, they have picked up each others bad habits, cruelness, and likes/dislikes. Doctor Horrible is a wonderful example. A lot of people don’t even think it’s funny, but you still see them raving about it and using lines from it, etc…just to fit in within their nerd group. So much stuff out there is only popular because two or three nerds liked it and told all their online gaming buddies. I have been scorned time and time again for standing up and saying what I think is unfunny, because I don’t care if I am accepted or not. But now that nerds are in groups, and have felt acceptance, they want more, so they give up their own morals, values, likes/dislikes, etc. to fit in. LAME. You are a nerd, fitting in is NOT a priority!

    I don’t know, it’s kind of a hard point to explain well (and is, of course, not about ALL nerds, just many of them), but it upsets me to no end. I want my nerds back as they were. I loved them for the social outcasts they were. A person is a wonderful thing, but you get more than one together, and everything starts to suck. PEOPLE are horrible. God should have stuck to having just Adam….world was free of sin before a second one was made, was it not? Yup.

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