My dream…


… or hope, or desire.

Yeah, I’d really like to have a few things settled in my life.

My school loans paid off. Do you know that I loved going back to school at the age of 40. However, I am in Kansas and the idea of making enough money to be able to pay them back is laughable. Well, it’s laughable between the tears of frustration.

Worth it at 40+?

Worth it at 40+?

My sons independent and happy. They are mostly independent. They are usually happy. Except my oldest son recently married and it was a mistake. I saw it was going to be a mistake, but how do you tell him that? Instead I supported him in his decisions. Now I’m supporting him in the aftermath. (If any of you pray, please add our family to your list.)

Dont tell anyone, but...

Don't tell anyone, but...

My weight down. I need to lose lots of weight. I have high blood pressure and when my weight is down, my blood pressure is normal.  Yes, everyone, this is my not so secret, secret. Why does it seem everytime I get serious about weight loss the other, stressful problems arise?

The order I placed those isn’t in any order of importance. If it were, my sons would be at the top.

6 Responses to “My dream…”

  1. Ditto on the school loans! Wowzers.. I’m going to be old before they disappear.

  2. LOL, I’m going to be dead I think!

  3. I would do Neil Patrick Harris if he wore the lab coat. And with his freeze ray he will stop the world. Also, the Hammer is Nathan Fillion’s penis.

  4. 4 zannniee

    *grins* He’d probably do you too, hon.

    …so they say…

  5. thanks

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