Sometimes you wonder…


… if anyone cares or listens.

I have this new blogging venture. I have many friends. I have bunches of things to say. I think all my friends should be reading what I have to say! I think they should also be making comments as well! *grins and giggles*

I know they care. It’s sometimes when things seem to pile on that you feel most alone. However, in this blog, I’m sharing some of myself. I’m sharing things I feel others will enjoy and that will lift their spirits as these have lifted mine with laughter.

I have a great friend in North Dakota. I’ve been pushing him to both read my blog AND to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. He promised me he would do it. I told him I was also going to blog about him not doing this sooner!

He’s only forgiven for not doing it sooner because he lost all his favorites recently. So, Halyn, you are forgiven. But you will only fully redeem yourself after you watch Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!

*grins* Otherwise some of my other friends will be finding lab coats and freeze rays…

5 Responses to “Sometimes you wonder…”

  1. That is all.

  2. 2 zannniee


    *giggles* It’s one of those stories where you simply HAD to have been there…

  3. 3 Halyn


  4. 4 Daryus

    Well I should have been checking here more often, I honestly have not done much online lately. But yes we all care about you and I will do my best to drop some knowledge on you every now and then!!

  5. my daughters recently favorite quote has become mine. Don’t worry about what other people think, because they rarely do. Haha!
    I know that’s a horribly negative comment. It just calms me from time to time. Unfortunately, I am sometimes the ‘other people’. Sigh.
    Whether I am thinking or not, I DO care. Often wondering what is going on with my Tete.
    Visit my blog sometime at http://zoomamachronicles blogspot com. Love ya!

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