A Quick Note…


Halyn still hasn’t watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

I’m trying to play Morrowind and keep thinking it should be an MMO. For those of you who play Oblivion, you know what I mean.

I’m actually PvPing, kinda. On a spreadsheet mmo game called AstroEmpires.

I’m considering going back to WoW for awhile, if I can find the money for the subscription (danged school loans)

I’m loving my little Star Trek RP group. I’m a El-Arian Counselor on an Excelsior class starship (*giggles* is that nerdy enough for you?)

… and I have to remember to get Shadowcall’s DVD’s in the mail to Netflix tomorrow….

2 Responses to “A Quick Note…”

  1. 1 shadowavatar

    AstroEmpires is fun, I have accounts on Alpha and Epsilon. It would be nice if you didn’t have to spend so much time waiting for thing to happen, but thats what multiple servers are for…

  2. Update! You crazy lady…

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