WoW and Politics…


Who’da thought!?

Well, apparently Sandeep Parikh thought about it. He’s working on a project involving polling WoW players to see who their presidential choice for is. Actually, I found out about the project because I follow Felicia Day on Twitter.  I can feel another blog post about Internet celebrities just wanting to be written…

Anyway, after following the link she provided, I emailed answers to the questions and indicated that a follow-up phone call was welcome if they needed more information. Guess what?!? They called and the hilarity and fun ensued.

They were good sports. I knew going in I would probably be on the opposite political side, but that’s fine, the pollster’s questions and interaction was professional. He inquired about my WoW character (Human), her class (70 Mage) and professions (375 Enchanter/Tailor). Then asked who I was voting for. I replied and the normal questions followed, things like “Why him? What’s the most important issue in the election?” You know, the basics.

Then came the fun… “So, which WoW race and class do you view each candidate as being?! Three of them were easy:


McCain: Human Warrior
Palin: Troll Shaman (I do want to explain… Trolls in WoW are incredibly colorful and Shaman are hybrids, capable of many roles)
Obama: Night Elf Mage (Mages have amazing magical abilities, which seems to explain some otherwise unexplainable things, while Night  Elves are very charismatic.)

Then the Biden question. Mr Biden, I have disagreed with for years and years. I respect him as a person, but we are so far opposite on certain issues. I’m not getting into the politics here, but I did let my bias show. I picked the race I liked the least… a Dwarf. For the class, a sneaky rogue.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that my youngest son, Da (pronounced Day) was standing there listening to the call and participating in the fun. It was at this point that he got all dramatic on me and was mortally offended (okay, not really, but he does know drama!) His WoW character is a…   Dwarf Rogue.

It was then that the pollster asked to talk to Da and got his opinions. His first question to Da was, “Do you agree or disagree with your mom?” To which Da replied, “I disagree with several things, I just can’t remember which ones now.”

So many questions asked like,  “What would each candidate’s attributes be, what spells would I cast on them?” It was just a great time and we all laughed a lot.

When the video is released, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. Sandeep is one of the main characters in an awesome web show called The Guild, and produces a web show, The Legend of Neil, which my middle son, Hagardly, absolutely loves.

So, do WoW and politics mix? Quite possibly. Just… stay away from guild chat with it, trust me.

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