Three letters can make a grown woman cower in fear…



Those three little letters usually make me groan and cringe in fear. Being placed into a PvP situation would cause my blood pressure to soar to unreasonable levels. My hands would shake. I’d be very irritable. One time, my desk suffered a nearly complete demise from my utter frustration with the situation!

PVP? “What is it?,” many of you would ask? It stands for Player versus Player in computer gaming terms. It’s you going up head to head against at least one other player. Sometimes it could be one-on-one; sometimes teams against teams.


I avoided it at all costs!

Unless I was sitting in the gunner’s seat in an ARC-170, or the turret of a YT-1300 (think Star Wars Millenium Falcon.)

Love the ARC-170 the best! 

Love the ARC-170 the best!

I LOVED gunning. I was arguably one of the very best in all of the Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) game. Just ask anyone from the Space Community about Sandarie. You are first likely to be told she was a beautiful blue Twi’lek and next a deadly gunner they never wanted to go up against.

   Recently, WoW incorporated an achievement system with titles and rewards for completing various tasks. Guess what!?! Several of the achievements had a PvP component. GROSS! But a few people took pity on me and a few others with sentiments similar to mine and took us into the 40 against 40 zones a few times to let us get what we needed for the achievements.

 Let’s transition to WoW. The World of Warcraft’s PvP environment didn’t have starships with turrets. It was you against other players. BLECH!!!!


That’s it, I was DONE! No more PvP! YAY!!!

Fast Forward to WoW’s new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. This brought Wintersgrasp and Strand of the Ancients.

Oh My GOSH!!!!

I’ve never experienced PvP with so many options. Not since playing SWG. I could defend the keep in a turret! I could grab up a rocket launcher! I could do massive magie goodness of damage from a distance!!!

I think that’s the key for me. I wasn’t up close and personal! I was away from the immediate action, I have better perspective.

But it’s more than that! It’s immersive in the story. I was defending something, it was measurable and had lasting effects. We got to keep control of the Keep or lose control of the keep and that directly effected game play in other areas.

It. Just. Feels. Real.

I go every chance I get to go with a group of friends. I know someone else who feels as I do about PvP and now he’s created a Hunter just for Wintersgrasp PvPing. I love it…

… now if only I could get my desk’s keyboard tray attached back on my desk again…


3 Responses to “Three letters can make a grown woman cower in fear…”

  1. A post A post!
    You listened to me! Yay!

  2. *grins* I’ve been known to listen to people from time to time…

    I’ve had so many people after me to write a post,yours was the final tipping over the cliff 🙂

  3. 3 mydeathknight

    I’m sure there is a P in the three letters that make a grown man cower in fear too 😉

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