It’s a Brand New Day…


Yesterday was a great day. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a great day. My blog post was well received and that was heartwarming. I solved some problems at work that have gotten pushed to the wayside and that was rewarding. But I think what touched my heart the most and humbled me was an event that took someone else just a few minutes.

Those of you who read my blog and follow me on Twitter, know I’m a huge Felicia Day fan. I am fascinated with what she’s done and her entrepreneurial spirit.

((If you haven’t watched The Guild or Dr Horrible’s Sing-along blog, it’s time. Stop reading my blog and go do it now!))

 I watch the shows she’s in, find the Sears’ commercial I’d heard about, read and watch her interviews, but it’s more than that. She had a dream and wasn’t willing to let it go. She persevered and started reaching her goals. She thought outside the box and started to soar. She is an inspiration and role model to all of us.

I’m 50. I’m smart. I have a great personality. I’ve never really let myself soar.

Yesterday, I sent a message to my role model… Does it seem odd to anyone that my role model is probably more than half my age? It doesn’t to me, not when this role model is on the Internet. The Internet blurs so many things like age, race, and distance. It’s about the person and who they are. It brings people closer. So, I sent an @reply to her, letting her know I mentioned her in my blog. Sure, other posts have gushed about her much more than this one. Sure, she’s got over 227,000 followers who must send her a bazillion messages, but I did it anyway. I did it for me.

Later in the evening, no one in the house, no one online that I normally hang out with, I received an email saying I had a Direct Message… from Felicia Day.

That amazing young woman, took a few minutes of her precious time to read my blog and respond. Not just with a “thank you for mentioning me.” But with a quick, insightful few lines that let me know she’s just as incredible as I’ve perceived her to be.

So, from one Geek Chic to another, have a delightful time in your endeavors and don’t stop taking a few minutes to touch others lives.


Okay, time for me to go soaring now!



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