I miss…




I suppose it goes back to being a kid and playing pretend. I also really really really wanted to be an actress when I was growing up. I dreamed about being Batgirl’s sidekick. I’d even dream about it at night when I was 5. *grins* No, I’m not giving away my age here, I did that two posts ago.

I used to role play for hours and hours in Star Wars Galaxies. I was a beautiful blue Twi’lek and very wrapped up in my Cantina and being a spy. Together with my friends we’d weave wonderful stories.

Then it was simming with another group of friends, again in the Star Wars universe. This time a Force sensitive green Twi’lek. Aedaria was amazing and fresh and learning so much from her teachers. My friends knew so much about the Star Wars universe and I knew almost nothing. We would gallivant about the galaxy saving people from the bad guys. The stories were fabulous.

I like the world of pretend and make-believe. I love reading fiction, placing myself into the world to see it for myself.

Roleplaying let me be part of the fiction, writing the story as we go along.

*sigh* I miss it.

One Response to “I miss…”

  1. 1 Halyn

    Come back to SWG again! 😀

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