It was only one of many battles; the war isn’t over and won’t be for awhile.






Does it really matter to anyone what my battle was or what my war is? Probably not to too many people, but what I’m learning is to win my war; one battle at a time, even if no one else cares.

What is this war I’m talking about? If you need to satisfy curiousity, click on Something Different at the top of this blog.

Some people have actually clicked on my Something Different tab at the top without any prompting. It’s the area where I’m beginning to document my battles. I’ll win some, lose some. Hopefully there will be more wins than losses and eventually the War will over and I am the victor!

I’ll continue to blog about all the other things I’m passionate about here on the main page. Things like my kids, role playing, MMOs, the celebrities that intrigue me such as Felicia Day ((you *knew* I would put that in there, didn’t you!)) I enjoy the interactions of people and the dynamics. Especially people who’ve never met each other, but still there a connection formed.

I want to write. I want to connect with people. I have more than one battle going on, but the Something Different page is for my current,most difficult War.

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