My Brain…


I don’t understand my brain, but Shadowcall says, “I would love a running conversation between hemispheres of your brain while you are using WordPress. I think it would make a great comic!”

Now, I’m going to believe he meant that as a compliment. I’m choosing to take it as such. He and I have had some fabulous conversations over the years on so many topics. They are usually pretty animated and most often fruitful in their outcomes.

Many of them have led to blog topics or my discovery of Twitter and Tweetdeck.

I’m liking the idea of a comic though. I wonder how that could come about. Only problem is, I can’t even draw stick men well. *grins*

This is short, but I’m attempting to blog at least four days a week.

Wonder if I’d be the only one who’d find my thoughts amazing… erm, amusing!


2 Responses to “My Brain…”

  1. 1 Richard

    I like how the expression the person that’s taking up photography doesn’t change. heh

  1. 1 My Brain… « Twitter @ Information-Source-Online.Com

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