I went back to college at 40; the class I dreaded the most was English Composition. I discovered I am a very good writer. At one point, my teacher said I was so good at writing because I wrote about what I knew. I do write on things I’m passionate about, or tend to have a strong opinion.

I am working to be a better writer and I want to share what I write with others. My current project is working with on their 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. You all get to … ummm, reap the benefits… or suffer the torture… you choose, of what I experiment with for the next 30 days. Yesterday was day one, I haven’t shared that with you yet!

We are being challenged to write a list. I love lists! I try to put most of my work emails and reports and others things into lists so people can read the majority of the content easily. To this end, I’m going to create a list of the things I’m currently passionate about! *wicked grins* although you could just look at my blog cloud to see the same thing.

Ready? Set? GO!

·         MMO’s – Massive Multiplayer Online game. Often it’s MMORPG, with the RPG meaning roleplaying game. I love these games. Why? Not so much for the game, but for the Multiplayer part. I LOVE PEOPLE! I’m a social person. I’ve always enjoyed playing games on computer, but add in the social aspect and I’m totally hooked. Not addictively anymore, but it’s so amazing to see people come together to achieve common goals. I build teams and the principles for real life team building absolutely applies here in MMO’s.

o   Star Wars Galaxies (past favorite)

o   Star Trek Online (looking to a near future)

o   World of Warcraft (current)

·         FamilyI’m 50 now. I am not oriented on raising my boys any longer, but I am interested in their lives and watching them mature, grow, and supporting them (hopefully not financially) to become the amazing young men I know they can be.

o   Hagardly (writes music and is starting a comic series based on MMOs)

o   Da (pronounced Day. He’s a fiction writer who is incredibly intrigued with the psychology of relationships)

o   Mike (In the Army, and has a true artist’s heart. He plays instruments by ear and wants desperately to be an actor)

o   Mom (terrifically smart woman)

o   Extended (so many, and I love them all, even when they make me crazy)

·         Role Playing – This is the area that I get to still make-believe in. I get to be someone I’d not, but it’s not crazy, it’s accepted and enjoyed by me and others. Star Wars is usually my chosen universe for RP, but I’ve dabbled in Star Trek and it has a tremendous appeal for me.

·         Writing – I’m exploring my new found love of writing. I’ve written short fiction stories that have won an award. I’ve writing dozens of boring technical manuals, but now… I want to explore reaching out to others.

o   Twitter (fast, furious, fun).

o   Blogging (therapeutic)

·         Something Different – The clickable tab at the top of the page. This is my current passion right now.

·         Internet and/or Celebrities – I’ve always been a little fascinated with the entertainment world, from the days of my youth.

o   Felicia Day – She is an incredible young woman. I enjoy following her career because she’s utilized the current technology to make her dreams happen. She’s worked hard and is probably the biggest celebrity on the Internet and will be in other media soon as well if things keep going as they are. She’s a writer, actress, singer, director. Those are things I always wanted to do, and so I feel a certain kinship with her. I’m twice her age, but she’s a role model. She is a gamer girl who is loved and adored by so many people.

I’ve spent time explaining my fascination for her here, because many of the people my age have been asking why I’m so intrigued. This is why: She’s an Awesome Geek Chic!

o   Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog – Jos Whedon – what an amazing talent. Firefly, Dollhouse. My boys and I all have the DVD’s for Dr. Horrible. If you haven’t seen it, just stop what you are doing, and go watch it now! It’s on the Internet. DO IT! DO IT NOW!


… and that concludes today’s list of Zannniee’s Interests!



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