Brilliant Idea…


I’ve had one of my great inspirations!

I get them from time to time and often don’t act upon them. Then many months, or even years later, I see someone else come up with the idea I’d had so much earlier. In one case, it lead someone to several book deals. Other times, I’ve written a proposal only to see someone else implement my idea and get the credit.

Shadowcall can tell you I’ve had a few where we work. He recognizes when I get them as I’m pretty boisterous and make excessive use of my hands when when inspiration hits me.

Alas, much of the time my ideas don’t get fully implemented and it is a little discouraging.

However, I have been inspired.

My mom has pushed and gently prodded me for awhile now to write a fiction novel. I started writing short stories and playing with a writing group about 3 years ago. I enjoy it, but it is more work than I’d ever realized. I also understand now that writing is often not just the work of a single person. There are proofreaders, editors, collaborators, to name a few.

Early last week my mom attempted again to entice me to write. She said she’d be the editor. My mom is a great editor and an even better project manager. She’s also very much into selling books and is herself an avid reader. I thought I would just *humor* her. I asked her questions about the “book.” Things like settings, characters, and the like.

However, things have changed and I’m actually inspired to write the book. I’ll be sharing more about how it will come into being later. For now, though, I need a new blog site and a name for it. The blog shall chronicle the collaborative effort I’m attempting to create.

I’m considering holding a Twitter contest to name the blog. I wonder if an Amazon gift certificate would be an appropriate contest gift for the winner…


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