The Project: Setting Up


My brilliant writing project is starting to get underway. I’m attempting to get my ducks in a row. I was going to put a row of ducks in the pic up there, but realized we are all different with some things in common…  and I liked that picture. I am thrilled to have the people I wanted agreeing to participate . They are very creative folks. I know this because they are nearly all part of my family. Yup, no bias here!

I was sitting at dinner with my aunt a few weeks ago. My Aunt Sandy is much like a sister to me, as she is only four years my senior. We lived together off and on growing up. We fought with each other, laughed, and cried.  Today we share stories that make us laugh so hard we cry…

Anyway, at dinner I shared with her about mom wanting me to write and how I was humoring her. Then it struck me! Sandy has always wanted to write. My youngest son, Da (pronounced Day, and no his name is NOT a tribute to Felicia Day,) already writes and has numerous characters developed (just found out he has about 17 nearly fully developed characters.) My middle son, Hagardly, writes music and comics; I knew he would be a tremendous creative talent. I was so excited my hands started their flailing in Applebee’s.

My aunt just stared at me, then started to smile. I told her about the Star Wars fiction writing group that I am part of. I explained how we all collaborate to make a story happen. I excitedly told her our litte group of creatives needed to do the same thing! We needed to write a book collaboratively! She listened, but there was something in her eyes. She asked some questions, but I knew she was intrigued by the idea.

Our current stage of the project is being set. I created a Google group for our coordination efforts. I invited everyone. Now it’s time to move forward into character development. *rubs hands together in excited anticipation* 

Everyone can be a part a part of the project. I am going to create a blog chronicling our efforts. Each of the participants will be posting about their own experiences and processes, how well it’s going, what our thoughts are…

Only problem is.. We still need a name for it! Twitter Contest For The Win! I’m going to offer a $15 gift certificate to for the winner of the naming contest. I hope that will entice people to help me name our blog.

Exciting times ahead! I hope you will all join us in our journey, it won’t always be smooth, but I’m thinking it will almost be an internet writing version of reality TV! (eewww, did I really just say that?)

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