And now for something entirely different…



Path of white, purple, and pink roses on a green lawn

A new kind of path. / CC BY 2.0

I have had so many changes in my life in the past few months it’s been difficult to manage all of them.  I remembered a stress scale listing life events and I knew many of my own changes in the past six months were on that list. I finally looked up the scale this morning. It’s called the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. I did my calculations and determined that I’m significantly over the 300 mark, and with the changes happening in the next couple weeks, I’ll be increasing that number even more. The scale suggests the likelihood of an illness, based on the scores.

I don’t want to get sick.

I determined that at 50+ I needed some changes. My last two sons left for college last August, and my oldest was already in the military and stationed in Afghanistan. Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing anything about children in dangerous situations on that scale…

Anyway, I want to leave the small town I live in currently. My 130 year old Victorian house is on the market. My aunt and uncle helped get the house ready to sell. My mom came to help decorate it some. I am horribly deficient in the decorating area. The house looks good, but needs some work, as you can imagine. It’s a great little town. Perfect for families. I raised three sons here as a divorced mother; who went back to school, had her own business, and taught a full load of classes. The boys were home schooled, but turned out great. All of them are Eagle Scouts and great young adults.

My previous company hired a new CEO about two years ago. Her philosophy going into the job was everything that can be, should be outsourced. Two months ago that was my department. I saw it coming, she’d already hit the entire accounting department.  I thought I was mentally prepared, and I think I was for the most part.

Time for a change, time for me to grow up and do things for me now. Make my own choices, not affecting anyone else except me.

I don’t know if anyone else out there has or will be going through some of the things I am experiencing. I’m going to chronicle my way though my current journey. Share some discoveries I make along the way.

I thought I was ready to hit the job market, but realized that things have changed a lot since I last searched for a job. Normally I get a new job because of a recommendation. Now, I’m searching out a new area to move to. I’m trying to decide if I want to stay in Information Technology, Healthcare or move into training and education. Is there a way to combine them together?

I’m evaluating my strengths, my accomplishments. I am also going to look for a Career Coach to work with me.

Come with me, if you want to follow my travels. Be my companion, share my ups and downs. Be there for the discoveries.

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