Sleepless in…


…well not Seattle. I did really enjoy that movie though. No, I’m sleepless in Kansas. I have some big decisions to make in the next few days. I’m tired and need some rest, but when a few things are settled in the next week maybe my mind will stop dwelling on them and move on to other things.

My mom and youngest son are the same way. They don’t stop thinking about things. The same topics keep creeping into conversations. Before I moved in with my mom I’d get the current topic in phone calls telling me she’d sent an email outlining the results of the research she’d done. Now I get her sitting on my bed, telling me about the email she sent with the results of the research she’s done.

My sons used to come in and sit or lay on my bed and talk to me. It was my signal to stop what I was doing and listen to them. I knew it was stuff they’d had rolling around in their head and needed to get out and take a look at with someone who cared about them. If they just kinda stood there, then I knew it was going to be a short, unimportant conversation.

Last night a friend of mine called and we talked for a couple hours. He mostly listened to me as I brought him up-to-date on the current status of my situation. In getting the issues out of my head, I was able to look at them more clearly and get a fresh perspective. It helped me set a slightly new course for the end result I’m looking at accomplishing.

I’m trying to use my writing to get my thoughts out of my head and on to something more concrete.

How do you get your thoughts out of your head and find ways to put them into action? Below is a list of words that search engines use to find this blog. Buried somewhere in there is a word called Comments. If you’d click on it and leave your ideas, it would be great for us to all dialog together.


2 Responses to “Sleepless in…”

  1. I keep a notebook by my bed and write down what is bothering me and promise myself to come up with the answer the next day, usually when I take the stress off the ‘do or die’ moment the solution is staring me in the face by the morning, or the choice I knew I had to make or was going to was easier to do so because I allowed myself the choice and the breathing space to get to the other side.

    • I like this idea! I know I write in my blog to get things out of my head. I don’t really do the “promise” to myself. I tend to have discussions w/ myself and try to be honest. I honestly don’t always do what I know I should be doing 😦

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