Men in the House


Hagardly at the age of four... and 21.

The next few days are being spent in finalizing my moving out of my house. It’s not sold. My mom has been doing some research on what she feels could be my next direction I take with it. I’ll be able to have a more definitive direction after tomorrow.

I really liked that house, yet I wasn’t emotionally attached to it like I have been with some of the others. I had a great ranch style home in South Carolina. The boys grew up there. It was on nearly three acres in the woods. Other than a slightly small kitchen that also housed the washer and dryer, it was great.

It was also the house where the boys grew up with their parents fighting. Where the middle son, who is now almost 22, shot his bb gun at the windows of our neighbor’s newly build workshop because he believed the neighbor had sent us a nasty letter, as the yard wasn’t up to the neighborhood standards after my husband left us. Hagardly (my son’s online name) was probably right in that it was that particular neighbor, but wrong in how he dealt with it. However it’s tough for an 8 year old boy to see his mom in tears and not want to do something to make it better. I defended my son to the irate neighbor and only found out a couple years about him actually shooting the windows and why.

Hagardly is very close to me. He’s not my favorite (that line is a inside family joke,) as I truly don’t have favorites. However he was very sick when he was born. We almost lost him. He only allowed two people to hold him. I didn’t just hold him, I wore him. I had a baby sling; he was always being carried by me. I couldn’t do dishes or vacuum without him being there. He confides about everything to me and he knows he can talk to me about anything. He came home after an awesome summer as director of a COPE and climbing course at a Boy Scout camp here in Kansas to help me pack up the house.

Day, Hagardly’s younger brother, is such an awesome kid. He’s nearly 21 and came home for the summer. He’s worked really hard to be able to save money so he won’t have to work when he goes back to college in a few weeks. He’s amazing, with the most compassionate heart. He took it upon himself to get my pool in working order for the sale of the house. It was a huge, horrendous job.  Just this past weekend it was finally finished, with clear cool water for them to swim in during this 100+ degree heat. He’s paid for all the repairs so far. When I finally sell the house, I’ll be able to reimburse him. He’s also undertaking the cleaning of the house after all the packing is completed.

I know this is all pretty boring to most of you, but I really just needed to say how much I love my sons and how much I appreciate their being here for me during these incredibly difficult times.


3 Responses to “Men in the House”

  1. 1 Aunt Chris

    You know missy, as I read your blog (s), it appears to me that you kind of do the same thing I do when I used to call you for computer ‘help”. You end up answering your own questions or thoughts. If you keep typing and thinking, that happens. Actually it is a ‘working through’ process. I sincerely hope it all works out for you and you ‘find’ your way. I am always curious about what is happening with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Love you a whole bunch.

  2. 2 Mike

    this was very sweet mom

  3. 3 Signe

    You do have great guys in your life to be proud of.

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