People in the House!


I’ve always been fairly discerning about the character of the people I meet. Some would call this intuition; others would call it the Holy Spirit leading. Short sidebar: who is to say that intuition isn’t how God chooses to allow his guidance to work. I know many of you reading this might not believe there is a God. You might not believe he’s intimately involved in your life. However, these are just some random thoughts I think about from time to time. Sometimes I don’t go with my gut feelings.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, erm… the Kansas side of the rainbow: I should have gone with my gut feelings and not used the real estate agent I’d picked. I choose him for the wrong reasons. The guy and his family have been incredibly wonderful to my youngest son. I’ve appreciated their involvement and encouragement of him. However he wasn’t the right person to sell my house. I knew it at the time, but wanted to give my support back to him and his business. Should have gone with my instincts.

Once bitten, twice shy is the proverb. I was attempting to decide if I was going to sell my house on my own. Well, not entirely on my own. My mom has been fabulous in all her help and support. She’s the backbone of my family. She keeps us all on track and focused. She’s amazing. She’s also in a tremendous amount of pain from fibromyalgia all the time. She doesn’t get much sleep. I worry about her, but she worries about the rest of us as well. She tries to tell me that it’s not me and my situation that adds to her stress, and I want to believe her, but it’s what she does. She helps others, especially her family.

Wow, so many side tracks here, my little train might never complete its journey if I don’t focus.

My aunt and niece told me about another agent. I decided to meet with him and there was an instant rapport. He explained what he had to offer. His own website and space on a national website, were a few of the reasons to go with him. He was open, honest, and I felt him to be a man of integrity.

He gave me a long, yet doable list of all the things I needed to do to stage my house to sell. So mom’s made calls, I’ve made calls. The house is a beehive of activity. We have a handyman there, a wonderful friend to help clean, my son to move things. My uncle is going to clean my carpets and make a couple little wood frames. I’m pretty excited. I love this house so much. It’s a 130 year old Victorian. I’ll link it to you after it’s on my new real estate agent’s website. He’s going to take pictures and everything!

Okay, I’m done babbling on for today. I need your love and prayers right now. Especially for my mom too, please.

Ugh, my house isn't as pretty in the Winter.


5 Responses to “People in the House!”

  1. 1 Mandy

    Well, just like on my own “Blog”, I wrote a bunch of stuff and lost it. Just like me to do that. Guess I wasn’t suppose to say what I had said :):) Honest it wasn’t bad, I was just trying to be in-sightful, (I was going to use another, bigger word but I couldn’t spell it) I am glad you listed with another realtor. It should have been in multiple all along and pictures, how can anyone sell a house without pictures these days. Moving on, I agree with Aunt Chris, typin’ and thinkin’, that’s the ticket. Works for me too. I keep a journal because I can’t figure out how to BLOG :):) But it helps me work through a LOT of stuff. It’s very private though, no one reads it but me. And it’s hidden, only I know where it is :):):) I am glad and happy for you that your Mom helps you, she is a good woman. I watch my sisters, all 3 of them, with their children and grandchildren and I am so proud. They are all wonderful mothers and grandmothers and they all work their hind-ends off to do what needs to be done. I don’t think they will ever stop “doing” so there is just NO use in trying to get them to. I am proud to be their sister. THEY are MY claim to fame. I love you and think of you often. And yes, you are in my prayers too. PS. NO ONES house is as pretty in winter :):)

  2. 2 Signe

    Love reading your blog. Definitely in my prayers, we ought to connect in person one of these days.

  3. 3 Sandy Rails

    I live reading how you write and I’m glad you are doing it. You are very insightful and I always learn from you!

  4. I sure wish I hada job for Jerry out there. And money. I’d buy that beautiful victorian! *sigh*

    • Sharron! I wish that too. This house in this area would be so absolutely perfect for you and your family. Your mom and dad are moving a few blocks from here too.

      I really miss you.

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