Moar People, In-house and Outhouse! A series of posts about prepping a house for a retail sale.


*grins* Moar is an internet slang word for more. The past two weeks have been crazy and exhausting. As noted in an earlier post, I listed my house with a new realtor who walked through my 130 year old Victorian and presented me a list of things to prepare what the agent called a “retail” look, rather than as a “fixer-upper” look. Granted I personally felt my house was already close to a retail look. I’d never heard of the term retail used in selling a house before this meeting. What he meant by retail he described as ready to move in with virtually nothing needing to be fixed.

We had one week before the house went live on the multiple listing. Fortunately my youngest son, Da (pronounced Day), had a few friends more than willing to help with cleaning out the pool and had been working on that for a few days already. I won’t go into what they needed to do to the pool, but it’s sparkling and very inviting right now. Especially in the 100+ degree heat we’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks.

The inside of the house had one room that needed a major facelift. The plan was to simply pull up the carpet, as there was really nice hardwood under it. We knew there was hardwood there because we could see it from an eight inch circular hole worn through the carpet. Inspiration struck! Take a day or so and paint the room first using the old icky carpet as a drop-cloth, then pull up the carpet and spiff up the beautiful flooring we were going to reveal for the first time in over a decade.

Do you have any idea what it takes to paint a room? Especially one with trim that will be a different color? I had no real clue, maybe a nebulous idea wafting around the hidden recesses of my mind, but no real clue. Before you can even start to paint, you have to pick the color scheme! I’m not color blind, but I am decoratingly challenged. My mom has great decorating taste. She kept all the decorating genes… just saying. Anyway mom went to Sherwin-Williams and picked up paint chips and decorating brochures. Late that night, we made a decision to go with a gold wall and white trim.

YaY! I’d made a decorating decision! LET’S PAINT!

Okay, I wasn’t going to be the one painting. Da, my 20 year old son, was going to do the painting. He’s a perfectionist. In order to do it right, we needed to tape the trim off first…

I’m stopping here, because there is a whole section that needs to be described known as the thin, blue line.

(Pictures are supposed to be taken on Friday!)


4 Responses to “Moar People, In-house and Outhouse! A series of posts about prepping a house for a retail sale.”

  1. 1 Aunt Chris

    Iwas wondering if you were doing the painting. I can’t say I have seen you paint before. It is not a fun job. It took me about 2 months to paint my bedroom. I would paint every night after dinner and work. But it was pretty when I finished. I also painted my ‘office’ and it took me about a month of working on that also. And as I look at it now, I see where I missed some molding spots near the ceiling. I say, don’t miss any place because it is a pain to go back and touch up. I know you will be glad to get the house ready for sale. Love you guys. Chris

    • *giggles* Oh… I painted alright. Mom painted. Da painted. Then he fired us…

      It will be in tomorrow’s blog post!

  2. 3 HikinMama

    Oh yes my friend, yet another way in which we share some of the things that make us tick. NO decorating genes here either! I laughed recently when Ben emailed us that he was sending us a vase he picked out in Djibouti that matched our decorating style. WHAT STYLE I wondered – I really didn’t realize I had a style and was curious as all get out to see what would arrive. It is a beautiful brown and earth-tone vase with some sunset type tones and giraffes. I still don’t know what my style is but the vase is beautiful, and I love it spot-on. I don’t have style that I know of, but my son sure knows me 🙂

  3. At least the bulk of it’s done. Spending time in the freakin heat will no longer drive me to insanity

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