Thinking… Anxious Thinking


Here I go again, thinking. Wouldn’t you  consider putting most of my stuff in storage, packing up my Kia Sportage, (giggles, my typo was calling it a SportRage) leaving rural Kansas to rent a furnished room from someone I don’t know, recommended to be by someone else I really don’t know, would  be enough to make me think?  Trust me, it is. It’s a scary, exciting, anxious kind of thinking.

And then *the* call comes.

No, not from all the dozens of places I’ve been applying for jobs. Not even from ONE of the places. Nope, this one is from my oldest son, Michael. *nods* yes, with the news that my first grandchild is on the way! Talk about exciting! Oh wait, is it exciting? Okay, it *is* exciting. Except they are in the State of Washington and I’m in Colorado.

Thus begins the thinking processes. I don’t have a job, haven’t really had anything solid for over a year. My house foreclosed. I empty nested. Okay, technically I left first. That is another story. I want to be around my grandchild. However I really do not want to live in Washington.

Now, ask me where I *do* want to live? I have no frickin’ idea! I like Colorado Springs, but I need to meet some people. I do not want to be the hermit I was in Kansas.

Ugh! So many thoughts!

((So as I go to paste this, I realize it’s been almost exactly a year since my last post! Whew, so much going on, not all of it’s been good…))


4 Responses to “Thinking… Anxious Thinking”

  1. I would pray about it, and go where ever God leads you. We’re still trying to figure out we’re meant to be. We love you very much! Keep your chin up and just keep putting yourself out there. You’ll do great!

    • Thank you, my dear daughter. I’m so blessed that you are going to be the mother of my grandchild!

  2. 3 Kelta


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