“They” say…


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They say the journey starts with the first steps. This blog isn’t my first step. I am not sure I’ve taken my first step yet.
I’m a thinker. If thinking about getting my life on track would have made me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and thin, I’d be Twiggy. (okay, I meant Twiggy from the 60’s, however she looks absolutely fabulous today!)

I’m a reader. If reading about how to lose weight, get hypertension under control, be happy, exercise, and eat right, I’d be Jillian Michaels.
I’m a researcher. If finding dozens of different diets, exercise regimes, spices to change my mood or burn more calories, I’d be … well, someone else.

But I’m not someone else. I’m me. I liked the me I used to be. Joyful, crazy fun, life was my bowl of cherries. So here I sit; thinking, reading, researching, and now adding a new passion, writing.

This week, I want to add a first step. A real first step. Today, I will put together my portable peddler bicycle thingie doodle machine and actually use it! *nodding* At least I hope I do that, instead of thinking about doing it. I’ve already read about it and researched it…


11 Responses to ““They” say…”

  1. 1 Bloop

    You are so in my head. Each recent entry I feel like I have to look over my shoulder and wonder if you’re writing about bits of my thoughts. At least to some extent. 😉
    I love your writing and I wish I could express it as easily as you do in words. Definatley keep up the great work, and know if you ever need anything, I am happy to be there for you and try my best to help and not hinder. 🙂
    ❤ ❤

  2. 3 Signe

    So with you on this! Well said.

    • Signe… it’s so encouraging to me to know that I’m not alone in this behavior. Often I like to think that I’m unique, but this time… rather have comrades in arms! *hugs*

  3. 5 MIK

    Know that you are not alone in the way you feel and think. We have all done that to some extent or another. I for one had to learn to accept “me” for me and know that whatever it was that I was thinking about “doing” I had to do it for “ME”. (Talking here about my weight.) I had to loose it because I was sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired”. I did it for ME because ” I ” wanted to do it, not because someone else told me I needed to do it. I wanted to learn something new, so instead of trying to teach myself, Because we all know how “Self Sufficient” I am, I finally took the Transcription Class that someone told me I couldn’t pass if I did take it, and by golly, I finished with an “A”. I was afraid I couldn’t do it but i FINALLY said, oh yes I can and I DID IT for ME. I tried most of my life to DO stuff because other people said I should. When I let that go….I was able to enjoy the choices I was making, simply because they were MY choices, and really only started enjoying life after that point. I love to read also and I read a LOT as do my Sisters and as our Mother did and I am finding out that our WHOLE family loves to read and loves to learn. Therefore Zannniee, I for one think you should continue doing what you LOVE. If it is writing, then I will read it because YOU ARE GOOD AT IT. If you choose to do something else because YOU LOVE IT, then I will also support your efforts in that. SOOOOO—-keep up the good work Girl, you are on the track to something GREAT. loveya

    • How wonderfully encouraging! Good for you for finally doing the things YOU wanted to do, even if you were scared. Thank you.

  4. 7 Nancy Newport

    I love reading and reading your thoughts provokes my thoughts. Miss ya and keeping writing.

    • Miss you too, Nancy. It’s nice to be able to connect via the Internet. You’ve always been a bright spot when I think back on what we accomplished at The Cedars together.

  5. Love reading your blog and identifyng with it! If I would have put into action all of my thoughts, I too would be skinny, rich and full of energy. You notice I said WOULD.
    Love you to pieces, keep up the writing!

  6. 11 Michael Kilby

    I’m very proud of you mom. You have a great way with words. you are funny and have a way of describing things by painting a picture that people themselves wouldn’t have painted. I enjoy reading your blog posts, keep it up…Soon to be grandma!


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