Why here, Why now…

So many thoughts and ideas go unspoken; never fully formed, or shared.

When I was younger, I had a knack for discovering tips and tricks. What I didn’t realize was no one else had shared them either. At least they had not been shared until months later when they began to show up in the trade journals I was reading at the time.

I have been a writer for many years now. It was always boring technical drivel that I’d turn into manuals. Granted these writings were very well received in the industry. Some said they surpassed the so-called stupid people books *grins*.

For now, this is a place for my stuff and the things I think about.


One Response to “Why here, Why now…”

  1. 1 daryuszalyncya

    I am happy you have an outlet for your thoughts. Hopefully it serves you well!

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