Something different…

It’s WAR!

I am documenting many of my battles with weight loss here until the war is finished, either for good or ill.

Yes, it’s something of a diary or daily log. Yes… I KNOW blog has the word log in it 😉

Something Different isn’t about my random thoughts and ideas.  That’s for my main blog . This page is specific to the particular goal I’m wanting to accomplish.

I am not yet willing to tell anyone how much I have to lose, but it is a tremendous amount. I also have been having pictures taken for a photo diary. I’m just not ready to share those yet. I have before pics and progress pics. 

People who know me in real life know I need to win this war.  Bleh, maybe later I’ll share what got me to this point.

I’m highly amused, though. Some people are guessing that I’ve lost 50 pounds. That’s just how dramatic the difference is. Others come to my office to just look at me, grin, say how cute I am, then move on.

Current Count: 24.5

May 21st, 2009

Okay, I only have ankles in the mornings, and the water shifts back down throughout the day, but not as much! I was in shock today looking at the scale. I even stepped off and back on to be sure. 24.5 pounds is a lot to lose. Go to the meat section of the grocery store and pick up just one five pound package of hamburger to attempt to see how much that is.  I feel good, and I’m happy most of the time.

I just need to learn to deal with my stress now.  

 May 19th, 2009

I have ankles again!!! I saw the doctor and got on blood pressure medicine and something for the water retention.  When I wake up each morning, I have ankles! Growing up, I used to have fabulous legs. I used to look down my nose at women with fat ankles. Then about 5 or 6 years ago, I became one of those women. I hate that I was so judgemental. I’m also thrilled that I can see ankle bones again!

I’m down two more pounds AND at a zero.

Yesterday was incredibly stressful. An ex showed up w/ his entire family (brothers, wives, kids)  in tow to bring me things he’d been storing. Bleh, at least that loose end is tied up.

Also… I have a struggle. In the past, when I would be upset or stressed I turned to food. I am choosing to not do that now. I don’t want to eat when I’m upset. The struggle is figuring out how to deal with the stress in a productive manner.  I’m so open for suggestions.

May 6th

It’s been while since I’ve updated this, however as you can see, I’m still losing! I am winning in a battle to not use food for comfort after a huge disappointment!

I slipped on my shoes this morning and… they actually slipped on! I didn’ t have to work my foot into the left shoe!

Tomorrow I see the doctor for a physical. I am fairly certain I’ll be on blood pressure medicine, but what I want is to start losing the water I’ve been retaining for awhile. That would be a HUGE bonus.

April 9th

Sprained ankle is about healed now. It didn’t stop me from exercising every day this week so far though! I’m still doing those ab roller crunch thingies.

I’ve lost another pound and I don’t intend to ever find it again either!

I haven’t had anything sweet, except my protien shakes and bars, for a week now. Even then it was a miniature Twix bar.

I have so much energy, I’m so excited about life, it’s difficult to sit in my chair and be sedentary!

April 6th

Sprained my ankle this weekend, was upset that I couldn’t exercise. That’s actually a victory for me. Normally I wouldn’t give a rip about exercising… EVER!

I did get to exericise today though!

HUGE Victory for me. I stuck to my eating plan all weekend!! It wasn’t difficult, well, it was tougher than I’d thought. But mostly because I was hurting from my ankle and discouraged that I couldn’t do my few exercises. My normal reaction is to eat when I’m upset. I need to discover something productive to do when I want to emotionally stuff down my feelings w/ food…

March 31 st

Wow, great victories to report!

  • Yesterday my training partners encouraged me to do 2 sets of 10 Ab roller thingies. This is fantastic because a week ago… *giggles* …I couldn’t do one by myself. Bev held my feet and Patricia helped pull the bar forward for me for a count of 5!
  • Did 2 sets of 10 arm push things and 2 sets of 10 leg raise thingies.
  • My shoes… oh it’s so sweet. I could slip them on today! The swelling/water retention is almost gone! I’m so thrilled. ((probably time to get the blood pressure checked))
  • and finally… another 1.5 pounds demolished! GONE! NEVER COMING BACK!!!!

March 30th

Woot! I survived the weekend!

I have to admit to having some pumpkin cake, but it was so yummy, and it was a very small portion. So I’m not feeling guilty at all about that.  I hate the weekends sometimes. Well, mostly for attempting to lose weight. It’s not structured, and my blender is broken. So I only had a protein thingie in the morning, along w/ protien snacks. I had two sensible meals though. I didn’t graze all weekend.

Now for the Victories!!!!

  • 3 more pounds gone forever! Shadowcall says they are destroyed! *grins*
  • I was able to easily get up and down my stairs
  • My mood for the past week has been great, with increased energy to boot!

March 26th

Yesterday I exercised for the 2nd day is a row! Didn’t have even a single desire to cheat, but I was starving when I got home.  I had some tuna salad and a small piece of bread and part of a protien bar.

My scariest time is coming though… The Weekend….

March 25th

Still losing!

Yesterday started out a little rough. I woke up early, really feeling good for the first time. I bounded downstairs to make my shake. Bleh! The blender leaked. Headed for The ShakeShoppe. No one was there to make me a shake! A little frustrated, I drove through Wendy’s. I ordered a diet Coke, tater tots thingies, and biscuit w/ gravy. Took two sips of a diet soda yesterday and it was nasty! I don’t need the sodium anyway. Ate the potatoes, buscuit and gravy though. They tasted yummy… well, the potatoes didn’t. Should have left those alone.

Lunch time, I’m really really hungry. I *should* go get a shake, but didn’t want to. I went to the company Cafe’. Got a salad, pork, and pumpkin soup. The salad… bleh, didn’t eat half of it. Pork was dry, but the soup was really good. I actually got full eating less than half of what I used to! WOOT a Victory!

Then! Two people came and got me to go to the Fitness Center. I rode a bike for a mile and a half! I manage to get on the floor, to attempt the ab roller. Hilariaty ensued! It took three of us to help me do 5. What a hoot.  We laughed so hard. But I know my goals now! Add a tenth of a mile a day of the bike and get to where I can do the ab roller alone!

I slept great lastnight! I put on a dress that used to be tight and now it’s not!

I don’t care if no one reads this, but I need it. I need to remember the victories, no matter how large or small.

March 21st, 2009

Took the plunge a couple weeks ago. I am so motivated to drop the weight now. Yeah, part of it is the whole 50 thing. I weighed in for the first time since doing this. I had put on some weight, but was still 4 pounds down ultimately.  It’s the weekend now. I don’t do so well with weekends. I haven’t had a soda, just water. I haven’t had anything sweet, except a cup of diet tea and light syrup on a single piece of French Toast.  No, I’m not putting my entire eating behaviors here. I just need to not feel alone right now.  I need to be able to share the accomplishments, not matter how minute.


14 Responses to “Something different…”

  1. 1 Sandy Rails

    I love you and you can be yourself!

  2. You can do it!

  3. 3 Eva Eberle

    I say you are amazing. You are doing great and I know how beautiful you are. You keep it up because I believe this is a great plan that God has for you.

  4. 4 Signe

    You go girl.

  5. 5 Dan aka Bida on WOW Sen'Jin Server

    It took me a minute to figure out what the heck the “Plunge” was. I was thinking neckline, boy was I wrong!

  6. 6 Dan aka Bida on WOW Sen'Jin Server

    It took me a minute to figure out what the heck the “Plunge” was. I was thinking neckine. Boy was I wrong!

  7. 7 Scott BOOM

    Ok, never read a blog nor have I blogged (is that a real word?) before. So of course I started at the top and read down. I was on the second page before I realized I was supposed to read the bottom one first! Also struggling to find where you leave a message on these things….

    I’m such a newb.

    Oh yeah, your blog looks good!

  8. 8 Scott BOOM

    Am I supposed to post everything twice like Dan? I’m so confused!

  9. 9 Debbe Eberle

    I am so happy for you! My heart sings with the joy! (Be glad it isn’t my lips singing.)You are a wonderful woman and have so much to share with others. I’m glad that you are finding that person again.

  10. 10 Jeff (Disonant)

    I think this blog you are doing is tremendous. I get a sense of people pulling to gether to help you reach your goals, victories. Its good stuff.

  11. 11 Scott BOOM

    Keep it uP!

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