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I’ve always been fairly discerning about the character of the people I meet. Some would call this intuition; others would call it the Holy Spirit leading. Short sidebar: who is to say that intuition isn’t how God chooses to allow his guidance to work. I know many of you reading this might not believe there […]

The next few days are being spent in finalizing my moving out of my house. It’s not sold. My mom has been doing some research on what she feels could be my next direction I take with it. I’ll be able to have a more definitive direction after tomorrow. I really liked that house, yet […]

Cleaning Day…


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my cleaning days come from not wanting to work on the ten bazillion other projects I should be doing. However, my piles have grown in my office. Part of my excuse is the two months I was without a Network Administrator. Equipment and parts and uninstalled software kept finding […]