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  I have had so many changes in my life in the past few months it’s been difficult to manage all of them.  I remembered a stress scale listing life events and I knew many of my own changes in the past six months were on that list. I finally looked up the scale this […]



I’m 50! I know that isn’t earth shattering to any of you. Still, I’m 50. I went into a funk about it months before the actual date. I did NOT want to be 50. Guess what? I didn’t have a choice. Actually, I have many choices. I can choose what to do with the rest […]

There is a term In MMO’s. Capping. This means hitting the limit. In WoW terms this could mean capping out the new level of 80. Years It’s when you reach the goal and can’t go any further. Or can you? Just because I hit 80, doesn’t mean I’m done. However, it *felt* like I should […]

I find I’m constantly saying this to my kids or co-workers. *grins* Do you have phrases you say all the time? The interesting thing about “Here’s the deal…” is that it really isn’t a deal. Is more of a statement and not really open for discussion. I realized I got the phrase, “Here’s the deal…” […]