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Started my morning getting caught up. You know, the usual. Reading e-mail, replying. Opening up TweetDeck since it had been closed during the raid last night. Replying to tweets, retweeting some, writing new ones. One tweet from @ProBlogger really caught my attention: New at ProBlogger: Consider a Series. Seriously. #writingcontent Most of my ideas […]

I have so many things I want to talk about! I love this blog site, though. WordPress allows me to start all my topics as drafts, so I can keep my thoughts and not lose them. Alright, some of you know I’ll lose my throughts anyway, but this will at least help me lose less […]

Cleaning Day…


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my cleaning days come from not wanting to work on the ten bazillion other projects I should be doing. However, my piles have grown in my office. Part of my excuse is the two months I was without a Network Administrator. Equipment and parts and uninstalled software kept finding […]

Going Nutz…


Yeah, my head is now so full of ideas. I am having trouble keeping them sorted and organized. I mentioned this to my friend, Shadowcall, while he was standing in my office a few minutes ago. He smirked while peeking around my work area at the growing piles of papers, magazines, and journals on my […]