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PVP!!!! Those three little letters usually make me groan and cringe in fear. Being placed into a PvP situation would cause my blood pressure to soar to unreasonable levels. My hands would shake. I’d be very irritable. One time, my desk suffered a nearly complete demise from my utter frustration with the situation! PVP? “What […]

A Quick Note…


Halyn still hasn’t watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! I’m trying to play Morrowind and keep thinking it should be an MMO. For those of you who play Oblivion, you know what I mean. I’m actually PvPing, kinda. On a spreadsheet mmo game called AstroEmpires. I’m considering going back to WoW for awhile, if I can find […]

After yesterday’s blog post, I had a little discussion with some friends about AOL chat rooms. *grins* this discussion took place in an IRC chat room, by the way. As I said yesterday, I felt playing games in chat rooms were much like MMO‘s. AOL and IRC have thousands of people on at the same […]