Stuff I’m Interested In…

There are places I’ve found useful over the years, as well as fun places. This isn’t a comprehensive list of anything, just things that I refer back to, over and over.

My Current Favorites

I was turned on to hulu a month or so ago. It’s shows that have limited commercial interruptions. To you, the viewer, it’s a free site.

Television Shows

Web Show

  • The Guild
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog (Everyone must watch this)

Player Guides

News Blogs

Game Sites


4 Responses to “Stuff I’m Interested In…”

  1. 1 Debbe Eberle

    Can you tell me more about the Military Mama’s stuff? There is so much to learn when you son/daughter joins up.

  2. 2 Scott BOOM

    Thanks for the heads up on Dr. Horrible. Awesome!

  3. 3 zannniee


    Military Mamas is a yahoo group to support mothers with children in the military. It’s not too too active, but I think that’s because there are so few of us in the group. I’ll look up the information and get it sent to you. hmmm, thinking they should have a Twitter account too, if they don’t already.

  4. 4 zannniee


    Dr Horrible has great songs, and a wonderful cast. It makes me giggle.

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